What is chemical picking?

Within the set of procedures that are carried out in the logistics of chemical products, we find the so-called “picking”. This Anglo-Saxon term means “picking” and that is basically what it consists of, although, taking into account that we are dealing with potentially hazardous products, the characteristics of a chemical picking differ in terms of safety measures from those of other types of products, which are much stricter.

Chemical picking involves not only the collection of the materials themselves, but also their correct preparation. Picking is basically the preparation of the order, in coordinating the shipment from storage to the end destination to improve efficiency. Thus, first of all, it is of great importance that the facilities are correctly adapted to the needs of the type of materials to be stored prior to their transport. There are many factors to be taken into account in the case of the storage of dangerous goods: for example, there are materials that should not be stored together, introducing a certain safety distance to avoid chain effects. In this way, the space must be divided into zones, each and every one of which must comply with the established safety measures.

Within the chemical picking or general picking, we find the packing, which is the part of the product packaging and where the properties of the product must also be taken into account. It should be noted that the chemical packing process is not the same as a conventional one.

When a customer places an order and chemical picking has to be carried out, the logistics of the process has to be carried out in the most effective way possible, avoiding any type of incident. For this, it is essential that the procedure is carried out by qualified personnel who are familiar with the environment, know the process to be performed and are familiar with the reference system through the established labeling (groups of materials and hazard level). Thus, the loading of the materials in the transport method will be carried out in an orderly and conscientious manner, by means of a load picking that follows the established regulations and continues with the correct grouping of the materials to avoid incidents.

In this way we see how, before proceeding to the actual transportation of chemical products, other actions are carried out that are part of the overall logistics in the distribution of goods of this type. In the chemical picking serviceIn addition, adhering to internal processes and governmental regulations results in the most appropriate output for the products, including choosing the most optimal transportation method from the available fleet and packaging them in the predetermined containers, so that both materials and substances are isolated.


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