Special and customized services

We do almost everything and we do it well. Logistics, special and tailor-made services according to your needs. Look what we can do for you:

Transfer service

Do you need to transfer from a container to a base tank? We can do it! With us you will avoid risks, we will protect your products and the people involved so that nothing happens to them. We are the best for a reason!

Logistics hub

We have first class infrastructure in a unique area connected by highways, ports and airports.
We can be your logistic Hub managing your orders, storing your merchandise and distributing it throughout the peninsula, in a transparent and efficient way for your customers.

SAC Inhouse

Do you want to expand your business in Spain safely? We help you! We can offer you a personalized service for your customers. We take care of your commercial network and manage your orders, maintaining your image and reputation.

Systems integration

We provide you with the necessary technical means to make this process agile and simple, making delivery note management child’s play. We can integrate your systems with ours so that your goods can leave your warehouse properly documented and avoid delivery errors.

Integrated logistics

In addition to being experts in ADR, thanks to being part of Grup Barcelonesa, we have a SEVESO high warehouse of more than 40.000m2.
Do you need us to store your products with the highest security? I’m sure we can fit you in!

Online order tracking

Wherever and whenever you want. With our online platform you can track your orders at all times. You will be able to track the status of your order in real time, from the preparation of your order, through the moment it leaves our facilities until the delivery confirmation.

Transport of local waste

Waste management can be a headache, do you want us to take care of it? We prepare the follow-up bulletin and deliver them to the transfer center or waste manager of your choice in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

Reverse logistics

We transport all types of containers: IBCs, containers, drums, jerricans, sacks, bottles… We also offer the service of management and collection of empty containers so that you can avoid having to manage it yourself.

Customs documentation management

Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork… Boring, isn’t it? We can do it, in fact we love it! We prepare all the necessary documentation for the export or import of goods outside the European Union.

Can't find the service you need?

Do you need to ship an ocean container?
Do you need a temperature-controlled vehicle?
If you can’t find the service you need, send us a message, we’re sure we can help you! Remember, we adapt to any need you may have.

We are specialists in chemical distribution

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