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Our team is fully committed and prepared to meet any need of our customers.


We have 27 trailers with 35 semi-trailers, 38 heavy trucks, 25 light trucks, 24 vans and if we need any more we can get them.

Warehouse Barcelona

Large warehouse for crossdocking, in which we move more than 7 million kg per month.


Through our experience, we have managed to bring together the best network of chemical distribution specialists at national and international level.

A global logistics solution

Our main challenge is to become your logistics department. We will become experts in your peculiarities. We will study your case and we will make you a proposal that suits your needs, so that you only have to worry about achieving your goals.

Our service always takes into account the highest standards of quality, environment, safety and people’s health. We include these values in all our strategic decisions, allocating the necessary resources to achieve and improve them. We actively integrate our personnel, contractors and suppliers through training, motivation, awareness and participatory initiatives to achieve your objectives.

Our process

At BDtrans we try to add value in each and every phase of your order, from the moment we receive your request until we make the delivery. Our team takes care and worries about offering you the solution that best suits your needs, solving unforeseen events that may arise at any time.

We are specialists in ADR

BDtrans is an industrial transport agency specialized in ADR. Adaptability is in our DNA. Ask us what you need and we will make it possible. With us your goods will arrive in perfect condition at the time you specify, always taking care of all the details related to safety and legislation.

We always try to get to know you as well as possible, to know what you are worried about and what you need. We want to be one of your team, offer you the best service and commit ourselves to your success. We are prepared to coordinate activities in all types of facilities, both through conventional and digital platforms. Having all the necessary documentation up to date.

Our corporate governance policy will give you an idea of our intentions. We have established a process of continuous improvement and training in the areas of quality, safety, pollution prevention, occupational risk prevention and delivery safety. This implies having our activity fully proceduralized, leaving nothing to improvisation. We work in a safe, reliable and demonstrable manner.

Since 2004 we have been part of Grup Barcelonesa, a large family with more than 75 years of experience in the world of chemical distribution. This allows us to offer you a complete chemical logistics service, perfectly controlling all the phases of the process to ensure that everything is done according to the established regulations and following the procedures that guarantee maximum safety. Being part of a first level chemical logistics operator such as Barcelonesa allows us to offer you distribution, production, packaging, storage, waste management and, obviously, transportation services.

BDtrans is a member of the Catalan Federation of Transport of Barcelona (Transcalit). Thanks to this association BDtrans has access to ADR training courses, legal advice on the application of ADR regulations and allows us to be in contact with the other members of the federation.

How can we help you?

Tell us what you need and our agents will contact you.

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