Chemical logistics

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We are not only dedicated to transporting your dangerous goods, but we can also store them in first class facilities.

Introducing Barnastock, a chemical storage and handling company that is also part of Grup Barcelonesa. It complies with SEVESO regulations and can store most hazardous chemical products taking into account their type and characteristics.

For more than 35 years, this logistics center has focused its activity on the storage and distribution of chemical products owned by companies in any sector, complying with the most demanding safety regulations, making it one of the best prepared in Spain.

Its first class facilities, its experience in the handling of hazardous chemical products, its human team and its unbeatable location 300 meters from BDtrans, make Barnastock and BDtrans the best 360º solution to manage your chemical product logistics. You will be able to have a single contact to manage both the handling and storage of your products, as well as their shipment to your customers.

Storage and handling of chemical products

At Barnastock we not only store chemical products, we also handle the handling, packaging and transportation, with BDtrans, to wherever you need it. We can store your product and package it in the format you need, label it and distribute it at the right time in a single logistic operation in our facilities.

In addition, Grup Barcelonesa’s information systems allow total computer integration between companies, facilitating the complete management of your orders and their traceability. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Orders can be handled automatically and you can check the status of your orders whenever you need to.

Storage capacity

If you need us to store your products do not hesitate to ask us, surely we can find some free space. Our warehouses have a total of 28.000m2 divided into:

  • 1 conditioned warehouse for flammable and corrosive products.
  • 1 warehouse conditioned for very toxic, toxic and phytosanitary products.
  • 1 warehouse compartmentalized in three sectors with RF240 partition walls for flammable and oxidizing products.

In addition, we have tanks with a total capacity of 1,600m3 for flammable products:

  • 18 tanks of 75m3 built in A-410B steel.
  • 4 tanks of 40m3 built in steel A-410B

Permanent security systems

The facilities have the means of protection required by the storage regulations ITC-MIE-APQ-1 / ITC-MIE-APQ-6 / ITC- MIE-APQ-7.

  • 24-hour surveillance.
  • Fire protection system according to UNE 23007, 23500, 23590/95.
  • Cepreven NFPA 13 and NFPA-11A.
  • Pumping group with a maximum capacity of 18000 l/m.
  • Water reserve of 1300 m3.
  • Automatic sprinklers on the roof of the building and intermediate sprinklers in the racking rack.
  • High expansion foam system.
  • Fire detection in all sectors.

How can we help you?

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