How many pallets fit in a trailer

Knowing this information is important because Once you know how many pallets a trailer can contain , this allows you to optimize the space so that transport costs are lower.

Pallets are the supports that make it possible to transport large goods, without them being damaged during the trip.

Although the most used and well-known are usually made of wood, there are also other materials such as plastic or metal.

But how many pallets fit in a trailer?

To find out, we must take into account the type of pallet that we are going to use and its weight, in addition to the capacity of the truck that we use.

If you would like to understand how to calculate how many pallets fit in a trailer, keep reading, because in this article we will explain it to you.

How many pallets fit in a trailer according to the type of pallet

Although there are countless different sizes, there are two types of pallets that are used primarily in land transport:

  • Europallet or European pallet : its measurements are 120×80 cm.
  • American Pallet : with dimensions of 120×100 cm.

In addition, it must be taken into account that these can be remountable or non-remountable:

  • Non-remountable : this means that due to their characteristics (weight, fragility, etc.) they do not allow the loading of more goods on top. In this case, the number of pallets that we can transport will be less.
  • Stackable: this type of pallet does tolerate being placed on top, so we can load more pallets in the trailer.

Once we have clarified the differences, how many pallets fit in a trailer if we refer to a standard truck?

  • In the case of non-remountable European pallets: in general, a total of 33 can be loaded.
  • If they are stackable and European: a maximum of 66 pallets can be loaded, although this will also depend on the height of the pallets and the heights to which they can be stacked.

What is the most suitable type of pallet?

The measurements of the European pallet are ideal for trucks , for two reasons:

  • They have a width of 2,400 mm, which is a multiple of those of the pallet. This allows you to make the most of the available space in the truck.
  • The dimensions perfectly fit the standardized sizes of plastic and cardboard boxes.

For its part, the American pallet is more convenient for transporting liquid loads, since it weighs approximately 25 kg and is capable of supporting dynamic loads of approximately 1,200 kg. This greater resistance to dynamic loads makes it the preferred one for the transport of liquid substances.

Which pallets are more resistant?

To answer this question, the measurements and the age of the pallets must be taken into account:

  • Measurements: American pallets are wider than European ones, so more items can be transported.

Thus, a European pallet can carry 950 kg of load, while an American one can support even 1200 kg.

  • Age: Logically, pallets that have already been used will be less resistant than new ones.

How many pallets fit in a trailer according to the weight of the pallet

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is a maximum weight of 24,000 kg , so if our pallets weigh 1,000 kg each, we can only load 24 pallets

How many pallets fit in a trailer according to the type of truck

Depending on the type of truck we use, we can load the truck with more or less pallets:

  • If we carry out the transport with a 3-axle truck: this truck has the capacity to load 16 pallets and 8 linear meters.
  • If we use a refrigerated truck or refrigerated box: it has the maximum capacity of 33 non-remountable European pallets or a maximum of 66 remountable pallets.
  • 20-foot or 40-foot container: a 20-foot container has a capacity for 11 European pallets or 10 American pallets, while a 40-foot container has a load capacity of 25 European pallets and up to 22 American pallets.
  • If it is a rigid truck: first you have to be clear about the difference between a rigid and an articulated truck.

Rigid trucks are those that incorporate the cabin and cargo box of the merchandise in the same vehicle. Therefore, they are one-piece trucks.

However, articulated lorries are made up of at least two rigid structures – the tractor head and a semi-trailer – joined by the same articulation point, so in this case the goods can only be transported on the semi-trailer.

So how many pallets fit in a rigid truck? It has the same capacity as a standard truck or a refrigerated truck, since it can fit 33 non-remountable European pallets or a maximum of 66 remountable pallets.

Do you have any doubt?

Our goal in this article is to explain in the simplest way possible how many pallets fit in a trailer.

But if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us .

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