Nalco and BDtrans, a success story

New regulations on the correct stowage of goods
21 June, 2018

Cooling towers are some of the most important workhorses of an industrial facility. They provide enormous benefits from the point of view of efficiency and economy of processes, but they have an Achilles’ heel: they require incredibly exacting maintenance due to the health risks they present, particularly due to the possibility for legionella bacteria growth. This means the towers are subject to strict regulations in relation to establishing and monitoring maintenance plans.

Health-hygiene maintenance operations include, among other aspects, programs for water treatment, cleaning and disinfection for the purpose of preventing legionella outbreaks. There is no regular specialised internal personnel with adequate training for this particular application, meaning that external management and consulting is sought out.

NALCO Ecolab is a global leader in water treatment solutions and, within its service offering, it not only takes charge of proposing the most appropriate formulations for the treatment of cooling water, but also takes on management of the client’s facilities as well.

Once the treatment type and correct dosages have been determined, they monitor additive tank consumption at the client’s premises and, when the pre-defined level is reached, they take on the task of performing refilling operations. This requires a high level of delivery flexibility, as delivery and refilling must occur at the exactly right moment in order to prevent maintenance program failures.

The additive refilling operation, which generally involves somewhat hazardous chemical compounds, is subject to compliance with strict health and safety regulations. Therefore, for proper implementation, NALCO selected BDTrans as their preferred partner for their excellent transfer service.Therefore, when the need for a tank refill is detected, NALCO sends a delivery order to BDTrans which, with its specialised team and equipment, takes on the task of delivery and replenishment at the client’s facilities.

To be able to carry out these operations, BDtrans not only complies with the Coordination of Business Activities (required to operate within unaffiliated facilities), but also follows the ZDD (Zero Defect Delivery)internal safety protocol that NALCO requires for delivery and transfer, and which addresses all requirements regarding training, accreditation, and use of specific individual protection equipment, as well as the proper sequence of operations to certify safety and security of the transfer.

In over 15 years, BDTrans hasn’t had a single safety incident in its transfer service operations, certifying it as a fully automated service in addition to being completely safe for both the people and the facilities involved.

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