BDtrans merges with Juan Gurtubay S.A.

BDTRANS informs you that as from November 1st it will have a direct route to the Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarra thanks to the merger with the company Juan Gurtubay S.A.

This new change means a lot to us:

  • The commitment of our organization to continuous improvement, and the search for opportunities that offer us to grow day by day, providing a higher quality service.
  • We gain speed in deliveries and communications. From now on, we will be in charge of the dragging and collaborations with local agencies.
  • The risk of leaks and breakage is reduced. The number of intermediaries and goods movements is reduced.

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All this is possible thanks to the merger of the company Juan Gurtubay, S.A. with ADR Trans, S.L.

This company was the agency to which we entrusted our merchandise, with a very satisfactory result. Since the members are retiring, and they had no one to continue the activity, we have taken advantage of the opportunity. In order to offer you a better service, with very few changes. Just faster and less risky.

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