360° integrated service for your dangerous goods

As well as authorised ADR transport, our logistics group has large-capacity, completely safe facilities to store and distribute dangerous chemical products.

Our Barnastock facilities have the highest level of safety and their structure and organisation facilitates the management of your ADR goods. The facilities are divided into different zones, and are adapted to the characteristics and types of chemical product, as well as to the safety regulations applicable depending on their level of danger.

Barnastock started its business as a logistics operator specialised in dangerous chemical products in 1982. Since then, thanks to a business plan based on effectiveness, safety and prevention, Barnastock has become a leading company in the sector.

Our facilities are located 300 metres from our transport operator BDtrans, which enables a constant flow of shuttles.

Barnastock has a preferential strategic communications centre, with multimodal transport and excellent connections with southern Europe and northern Africa.

Modern and innovative facilities that incorporate the latest technology and the most advanced means of prevention enable us to offer the maximum guarantee of quality and a minimum risk in the storage and handling of chemical products to suppliers and clients.

Advantages of 360º service
  • Single contact person
  • Authorised specialist company
  • Agile and efficient management Total guarantee of safety
  • Storage and distribution complying with regulations
  • Customs handling

Total area of 28,000 m²:

  • One 1400-m² warehouse adapted for flammable and corrosive products
  • One 1400-m² warehouse fitted out for very toxic, toxic and plant-protection products
  • One 6500-m² warehouse divided into three sectors with RF240 separation walls for flammable and oxidising products

Total capacity of 1600 m³ for flammable products:

  • Eighteen 75-m³ tanks constructed in A-410-B steel
  • Four 40-m³ tanks constructed in A-410-B steel

Continuous safety systems

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Fire-protection system compliance with UNE 23007, 23500, 23590/95 > Cepreven NFPA 13 and NFPA-11A
  • Pump group with maximum capacity of 18,000 l/m
  • 1300-m³ water reserve
  • Automatic sprinklers in the roof of the building and intermediates in the shelving rack
  • High-expansion foam system
  • Fire detection in all sectors

The facilities have the means of protection required by the following storage regulations: