6 February, 2019

Nalco and BDtrans, a success story

Cooling towers are some of the most important workhorses of an industrial facility. They provide enormous benefits from the point of view of efficiency and economy […]
21 June, 2018

New regulations on the correct stowage of goods

Royal Decree 563/2017 dated 2 June, regulating technical inspections on the road of commercial vehicles circulating in Spanish territory, went into effect this past May. One […]
30 January, 2017

How are hazardous materials classified?

The initials ADR stand for the Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road. The ADR is a European treaty that was originally signed in Geneva in 1957 […]
29 December, 2015

BDtrans it merges with Juan Gurtubay S.A.

BDTRANS informs them that from November 1 offers a direct route to the Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarra thanks to the merger with John Gurtubay […]
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